Who We Are

The ALP mission is to enhance the effectiveness of leadership programs and professionals.  The association believes true, organic community leadership involves looking at situations, opportunities, or challenges through the lens of the whole community, and pursuing a course that builds the well-being of all.

ALP is active in 45 of the contiguous states, including an international presence in Canada, Australia and Germany.  With over 300 members, ALP is THE connection source for community leadership programs. Our membership is open to leadership organizations/programs, whether based in a chamber of commerce, university, government or similar entity, or as an independent (non-profit) organization.

Among the many benefits offered to members, building relationships, sharing best practices and connecting with others in our field, are among the top requests.  The searchable database and the Resource Library have a wealth of information for strengthening and growing leadership programs.

As a membership add-on, the most progressive ALP members can become Pacesetters and serve as models and exemplars of the industry. A Pacesetter is someone who thinks two steps ahead - not where we are today, but where should we be in the future. 


Energized. Engaged.

If you come to an ALP gathering not sure of what to expect, be prepared to be surprised.  If you come planning to sit back and listen, be prepared to get engaged.  And if you come hoping to find genuine support and encouragement from people who care as much about this work as you do, you wont be disappointed.

Every time we go, we come back filled with more energy and ideas than we can carry. 

Dan Lewis, Executive Director, Denver Leadership, CO

Invest in ALP

Leadership Lynchburg was a small, chamber-led program that began in 1977.  When I started as program director in 2000, my first big risk was to pay to attend our national conference which was an unbudgeted expense.  Today, I can attribute the success of our program to the relationships formed and information gleaned from these conferences. We've gone from one program that averaged 15 applicants with a bare bones budget to four programs each with sustainable income. 

If you want your program to remain status quo, do nothing.  But, if you want to grow your revenue and expand the influence of your program in your region, then bite the bullet and invest in the ALP conferences!  

Christine Kennedy, Executive Director, Leadership Lynchburg, VA.