Certified Community Leadership Practitioner (CCLP)

The Certified Community Leadership Practitioner (CCLP) Certification is designed to enhance individual performance, elevate professional standards, and recognize Association, Chamber of Commerce, and other Non-Profit professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the practice of program development in a leadership organization.

The Association of Leadership Programs (ALP) oversees the certification process to obtain the CCLP designation.  Training includes a series of learning components covering personal, practical and theoretical leadership.  Candidates must complete 16 hours of CORE training, 24 hours of pre-designated coursework plus an additional 10 hours of elective coursework for a total of 50 hours prior to submitting an application to sit for the CCLP examination. The final requirement is completing and passing the written exam. All steps must be completed to be eligible to obtain the CCLP designation.

For questions about the CCLP program, contact Tori Colarusso at

Upcoming Courses for CCLP Certification

  • Financials, Accounting, Fundraising, and Other Revenue Streams
  • VIRTUAL CORE Training  
    • Friday, February 3 & 24, 2023 | 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET
    • Full participation in both session days is mandatory
    • Registration link

Requirements for CCLP Certification

The steps in the CCLP process are designed in sequential order so that you have time to take in content as well as time to integrate learning into your daily practice.  The goal is not speed.  The goal is development of competencies.

STEP 1 CORE Training (16 hours)

STEP 2  Pre-Designated Coursework
(24 hours)

STEP 3 Elective Coursework (10 hours)



Fee Structure
(for CCLP Certification)

CORE Community Leadership Practitioner Course (CORE CLP)

16 hours


Adult Learning (AL)                                                                                     

4 hours $150

Advanced Facilitation (AF)                                                                   

4 hours$150
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI4 hours$150
Financial/Accounting/Fundraising Revenue Streams (FAFRS)4 hours$150
Leadership Theories and Applications (LTA)4 hours$150
Developing and Managing Volunteers and Boards (DMVB)4 hours$150


40 hours*     $1,800 

*Completion of an additional 10 hours of elective coursework are required to meet the 50 hours of required training. Any expenses incurred in the procurement of this requirement is borne by the applicant.

**Must be an ALP member to qualify for CCLP certification.

***Non-Members may take courses for professional development purposes. See registration link for pricing.