Become a Pacesetter

A Pacesetter Membership is a select level of membership specially designed for ALP members who are the most progressive...those who serve as the models and exemplars of the industry. A Pacesetter is someone who thinks two steps ahead, not where we are today but where should we be in the future.

Benefits of Pacesetter Membership

As a Pacesetter member, you will have an opportunity to attend a one-day conference (location and date TBD). This event will have specific content that reflects the level of learning for CEO/Presidents and top-level Executives. The annual event is invitation-only with a modest registration fee for the local host.  All attendees must register for this event.

The event will allow our industry's most accomplished leaders to convene as a cohort. This provides you the unique opportunity to be among the visionary colleagues who are driving change in our country.

Eligibility and Pricing

All Pacesetter members are required to first be regular members of ALP. Dues operate on a sliding scale ($200-$650) according to the size of your budget. To upgrade your membership to the Pacesetter level requires an additional $500 contribution (above your regular dues). The annual Pacesetter event will include an additional modest fee for the local host, and you will be responsible for your own travel and hotel expenses if you choose to attend.

To be eligible, you need to demonstrate leadership in the field.  Pacesetters can be self-nominated or nominated by another ALP member.  Only current ALP members are eligible for nomination.  A selection team will review all nominees and select based on the information provided in the application.

Pacesetter Members

Formerly known as the Legacy Circle members, Pacesetter members are recognized for their support and belief in the mission and value of ALP and contribute above and beyond their regular membership investment.